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Commercial Products


Key Features

  1. Diamond Wheel Pattern allows the Mega BRUTE® to turn on its own axis.

  2. Large 300mm wheels and non marking 130mm locking casters increase manoeuvrability.

  3. Optional Slim Jim® container increases waste sortation options and allows for easy recycling

  4. Storage area for cleaning supplies

  5. High Capacity (450L) means overall efficiency is increased

  6. Rear Doors enable trouble-free waste removal

  7. Optional Dual opening lid hides waste and supplies from public view

  8. Bag Hoop and Liner retainer secure bin liners in place

Mega BRUTE® Mobile Waste Collector- Technical Information

Mega BRUTE® Mobile Waste Collector - Size: 700mm (width), 1080mm (height), 1334mm (depth).

Material: Structural Web High-Density Polyethylene

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The Mega BRUTE® Mobile Waste Collector allows easy manoveurability the diamond wheel pattern allows the Mega BRUTE® to turn on its own axis.The open outward doors give easy access to contents. The duel opening lid hides waste and contents from public view, also minimising odours. Its 450 litre capacity increases productivity. The optional Slim Jim® container helps improve waste sortation and recycling. Locking casters provide complete control.

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