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Commercial Products


Key Features

  1. The Innovative BRUTE® Dollies enable effortless transportation of BRUTE® Containers

  2. Their heavy duty wheels increase mobility

  3. Withstands a static load of up to 135kg

  4. The tandem dolly allows 2 containers to be transported at once, increase efficiency

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Safety Standards

The BRUTE® Round Container conforms to:

NSF Standards #2 (grey, white and yellow ONLY) and #21 (All Colours)

HACCP Guidelines (grey, white and yellow ONLY)

USDA Regulations (grey, white and yellow ONLY)

BRUTE® With Venting Channels - Technical Information

Material: Polyethylene

         Key Features

  1. Heavy duty BRUTE® Round Containers are constructed with reinforced rims to add strength and durability.

  2. Will not dent, chip or peel making the BRUTE®  Container ideal for a wide variety of uses.

  3. Suitable for food contact and aid HACCP guidelines (colour dependant)

  4. Optional dollies and lids help increase manoeuvrability and aid storage.

Key Features

  1. The Snap On Lid ensures contents and odours are contained within the container.

  2. The Self Draining Lid prevents pooling when containers are stored outside.

  3. The Funnel Top Lid allows hands free waste disposal reducing the risk of cross-contamination

  4. The Dome Top Lid allows one handed waste disposal.





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The BRUTE® Round Container is constructed with reinforced rims to add strength and durability, allowing the container to be used for a variety of uses. The built in handles allow effortless emptying of containers. Optional lids provide a range of solutions for various applications.  Optional Dollies help increase manoeuvrability and increase productivity.

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