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Recycling Waste and Sortation

The Slim Jim® container with venting channels encourages recycling and improves productivity. The 4 venting channels aid in removing the vacuum, reducing the force required to remove a full bin liner The integrated handles improve grip when handling.  The optional Lids and Dollies allow a variety of uses and solutions.

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The Slim Jim® Container is designed to fit into small areas. The handle design helps secure grip for emptying and carrying waste. The all plastic construction is easy to clean and provides long life.  Optional Accessories and Lids allow a variety of uses and solutions.

The Slim Jim Dollies are used to improve mobility and transportation. Ideal for use to reduce collection trips.

The range of Slim Jim Lids encourage waste separation and recycling. Eradicates the need for a central recycling point.

Slim Jim® Wall Mounted ContainersRecycle_-_Slim_Jim_wall_mounted.html

The Slim Jim® Wall Mounted Container is ideal for use where floor space is limited.  The slim design is space saving and allows floors to be kept clear for easy cleaning. The all plastic wall mounted container will not rust, dent, chip or peel. When used in conjunction with the Linear Low Density Bin Liners it provides a hygienic solution for removal of waste.

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The Untouchable® containers provides recycling and waste solutions. The hands free design of  the Untouchable® containers reduces the risk of cross-contamination ensuring more hygienic waste disposal. Bin liners cinches enable one step bag retention & eradicates knot tying.

The Styleline Series® Containers are available in round, half round and square designs to suit all requirements. For use indoor and outdoor. Optional Lids allow for a variety of uses and solutions, including recycling.

The soft wastebaskets are ideal for indoor and outdoor use and can be used in conjunction with saddle bins to increase recycling options. The design incorporates reinforced rims to add overall strength and durability. The optional swing top lid incorporates a hands free design, reducing the risk of cross-contamination ensuring more hygienic waste disposal. It also keeps waste out of sight.

The Fire Resistant Wastebasket is designed for general waste disposal. The fibreglass wastebasket will not rust, dent, chip or peel.   Tested and classified by Underwriters Laboratories as able to contain burning paper without the wastebaskets melting or contributing fuel to the containers contents.

The modern metal wastebasket fits into every office environment. Ideal for use at desk side.  Round and rectangular designs available.

Howard ClassicsRecycle_-_Howard_Classics.html

The Howard Classic Containers are ideal for use in public spaces such as universities, shopping centres,  public transport stations, airports, hotel grounds, leisure centres, and golf complexes. Its contemporary appearance fits in any environment. Recycling Lids encourage waste sortation and remove the need for a central sortation point. Designed with holes to bolt and secure the container to the ground.

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Recycling Waste

The Slim Jim® Cup n’ Stack is designed to increase capacity by 6X more, with its innovative stacking system. Its ability to fit onto any 87L Slim Jim® Bin makes it a very versatile unit. The anti-splash reservoir has a handling point on its base for easy emptying of stored liquids.

The Glutton® Recycling Station is customisable to the users needs and ensures user compliance with its combination of restricted opening tops. The all plastic - easy to clean surface will not rust, dent, chip or peel. Its Central hinge mechanism allows easy waste disposal, eliminating the need to remove the lid and increasing area safety.

The Outdoor Station container has been developed for use in high traffic areas such as public parks and trails. The moulded opening encourage recycling of cans and bottles. Its polyethylene construction will not fade in the sun, rust dent, chip or peel. The optional rigid liner provides an easy and hygienic method of material disposal.

The Element Recycling Centre provides an aesthetically pleasing solution for any facility requiring a waste sortation unit. It provides up to 4* streams to satisfy every requirement. Its front locking doors provide secure and easy access to waste. Its powder coated surface is easy to clean increasing productivity.

A selection of stickers and decals to provide a visual cue and encourage waste sortation and recycling.