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The Infinity™Smoking Management Solutions are available in various designs to suit requirements.  The contemporary design will compliment any facility and provide efficient smoking litter management. The Recessed stainless steel extinguishing screen is designed to avoid smouldering. The Domed top, prevents trash being put in the bin and prevents water from entering the canister. Innovative padlock tab to add security and prevent theft.

The Groundskeeper™Tuscan is  all weather resistant. Its concealed design hides waste from view and provides odour control. The stainless steel extinguishing plate is designed to avoid smouldering. The holes provided to bolt and secure the container to the ground improve security and discourage theft or tampering.

The Groundskeeper™Cigarette Waste Collector is  all weather resistant. It’s hygienic, easy to clean design, makes servicing trouble free. The restricted opening shields hides cigarette waste from view. The large galvanised inner canister increases capacity and improves productivity. The heavy steel base discourages theft.

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The Smokers’ Pole is a simple space saving product designed to manage smoking waste. Its powder coated aluminium construction ensures product durability. It houses a recessed extinguishing plate designed to eradicate smouldering.

The Smokers’ Station Cigarette Bin has a contemporary design and is constructed from weather resistant steel. It has a hinged front door giving access to the fire safe steel liner, making cigarette waste removal easy and hygienic. It houses a recessed extinguishing plate designed to eradicate smouldering, but also ensures other waste cannot be disposed in the station.

The Ash/Trash Container combines both waste disposal and cigarette disposal in one space saving unit.  Its spring loaded lid will contain any odours inside the container, also hiding waste from public view.  Under normal use the container will extinguish any flames inside the bin.

The Smoking Urn combines both waste disposal and cigarette disposal in one space saving unit. The Hands free design reduces the risk of cross-contamination ensuring more hygienic waste disposal. Ash tray can be attached or left unattached for easy emptying.